Spread the word: It’s easy to embed a Zero Waste Map into your website! Just paste the following code into your content management system and change parameters to your needs. An example can be seen here: https://www.smarticular.net/verzeichnis/

<!-- Parameters: data-lang:     "de/" for German, "" for English version data-type:     comma separated values, one or multiple of: bookcase,borrowing-shop,event,fairteiler,food-assembly,garden-share,give-away-shop,givebox,milk-filling-station,package-free-department,package-free-shop,repaircafe,wild-herbs-tour data-center:   optionally center the map on a city, e.g. "Berlin, Germany" data-radius:   optionally limit the search radius (km) when using 'data-center', e.g. "100" data-allow:    "fullscreen,geolocation" - set one or both as needed (requires SSL/HTTPS) data-style:    customize iframe style as needed --> <div id="zerowastemap" style="display:block;" data-lang="de/" data-type="" data-center="" data-radius="" data-allow="fullscreen,geolocation" data-style="width: 100%; height: 500px; max-width: 100%;" ></div> <script async src="//zerowastemap.org/zerowastemap-embed.js?x16511"></script>