Rugby Unwrapped was established by local girls Clair and Sharon in the heart of Rugby Town in the summer of 2019.

We were both trying to make sustainable changes in our homes and lives, but both of us struggled with our carbon foot print due to the amount of travelling needed for our jobs, so starting a business that was on our door step was very important to us.

We were inspired by Earth Food Love, a zero waste shop in Totnes, Devon.  They opened their doors in 2017 and we first became aware of them on Facebook in 2018.  We loved their ethos and felt it fitted with how we want to live our lives, so the idea for Rugby Unwrapped was born!

Offering people in our home town good quality, eco friendly cleaning and home products, along with reduced/zero waste food at a reasonable price was really important.  We want everybody to be able to make sustainable changes to help the environment.

So in 2019 we found premises, left our jobs and with the help and support of our friends and family  we took the plunge into the world of retail. We started small and have been growing our product list ever since and will continue to do so.  We are proud to be working with some local producers.  Shopping at Rugby Unwrapped is the new old way of shopping so call in, shop local and support a small business in your local town.