We are Bamboo Turtle in the Arcade in Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire.

Just over 6 months ago the idea of Bamboo Turtle was born, primarily out of

frustration at not being able to successfully shop waste free. Unfortunately

supermarkets provide a convenient but wasteful way of shopping. Every pasta

packet, toothpaste tube and plastic wrapped broccoli adds to the mountains of

waste that enter our recycling plants at best, or our oceans at worst, taking

hundreds of years to breakdown and enter our food systems. And then we

have food waste. Sometimes all we need is a handful of oats or a teaspoon of

herbs and spices. Shopping at Bamboo Turtle allows you to buy exactly the

amount of food you need in your own package.


So how does it work; any clean container will do: paper, glass, tin, fabric,

plastic (yep plastic, if it’s already in the home then reuse it until it falls apart. It

doesn’t make sense to throw it out when it still has a use). Then it’s a simple

process of ‘bring, weigh, fill and pay’. The empty container is weighed, it’s

then filled with any number of goodies that we sell ranging from pastas, dried

fruits, flour, sugars and more and then we reweigh it at the paying till where

you pay only for what is in your container. By helping yourself and using our

gravity dispensers and ski boots you are in complete control of what and how

much you buy. Simple.


So that’s downstairs, the really exciting stuff is

upstairs!! That’s where you’ll find toilet rolls, shampoos, conditioners, make up

removing face pads, bamboo straws, soaps and many more items. Hopefully

we’ve offered a plastic free alternative to most items that would normally be

over packaged.