Altrincham Market has a fresh vegetable market every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday under the old Victorian Market Place canopy. You can buy all your vegetables and fruits with no packaging. It is lovely quality produce too.

Every first Friday of the month there is a farmers market with additional locally produced and sometimes more exotic fruit and vegetables all bought directly from the farmer.

Also available is fish from the fishmonger, meat from the butcher, and the most amazing sourdough bread from the baker….all plastic free.

Attached to this market is a lovely market full of wonderful goods many of which are handmade by local craftsmen. eg wooden goods -bread boards, bowls, spoons. Also silver jewellery hand made.

Beautiful pottery hand thrown and wonderful to use too.

Locally sourced blankets from the Macclesfield Mills.

Clothing hand made in Manchester.

The list goes on…..

Visit soon for a treat.

Also available is the wonderful Market House Altrincham with the best casual dining experience in Manchester. Visit for food locally sourced and made from high quality ingredients for a wonderful treat.

It really is the best market in the UK!!