is a distributed project maintained by volunteers all over the world. It’s open to everyone, please feel free to sign in and add new zero-waste locations, events etc. known to you.

You want to do more? Join our team and become a Zero Waste Hero in your region! Any kind of help is appreciated. At the moment the most urgent needs are:

  • Adding new map entries for zero-waste locations that exist in your region
  • Reviewing existing entries in order to maintain a good quality
  • Translating user interface labels as well as meta pages (at the moment we support English, German, French and Spanish, more languages are on the list)
  • Contacting business owners so they can take ownership of their map entries
  • Spreading the word so we can make the idea of a zero waste world grow even faster

However there are plenty of other things that can be done and we welcome your ideas! You want to write a post about a new Store, a crowd-funding campaign or a DIY workshop? You want to create an image gallery for a particular store? You want to share your favorite recipe that allows you to reduce waste? Just let us know!

Please send us an e-mail including a short self-introduction and the task(s) in which you would like to help. You can also join our Facebook group for friends and supporters of the Zero Waste Map!

Thanks to all the great people who currently support

Sebastian, Berlin (Germany)

Project Manager – Being a social entrepreneur and one of the founders of, Sebastian has been working the last four years in different projects aiming for sustainable consumption, a healthier, less resource wasting lifestyle and less impact to our planet. Together with the smarticular team he brought the idea of an international Zero Waste Map to life.

Marco, Berlin (Germany)

Project admin

Cristina, Irun (Spain)

Zero Waste Hero for Spain, Translator – I’m really concerned about the future of the planet and I try to do everything I can to minimize my footprint.

Cindy, Oost-Vlaanderen (Belgium)

Zero Waste Hero for Belgium – Each time I clean up the litter in our streets, it makes me realize, we must avoid waste at the source. Therefore, I try, step by step, to live waste-free. I hope that this team may inspire a lot of people to take the same steps.

Telkens wanneer ik zwerfvuil opruim in mijn gemeente besef ik, we moeten afval vermijden bij de bron. Daarom probeer ik stap voor stap afvalvrij te leven. Ik hoop dat dit team heel wat mensen mag inspireren om dezelfde stappen te zetten.

Louise, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK

Zero Waste Hero for the United Kingdom – I am trying to reduce my own plastic use and it’s not easy! I really hope this site will help lots of people to connect to businesses near them that share that vision of a world where plastic is a carefully used resource, not just rubbish to use once and throw away.